Marcus & Martinus


In a celebration of young talent and young potential, The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is proud to announce the Young Talent Act. Our Young Talent Act will specially invite young and upcoming artist – with the gravity to engage and inspire the very youngest voices for peace around the world. The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is very proud to present one of Scandinavia´s youngest and loudest voices – Marcus & Martinus – as this year´s Young Talent Act!



Marcus & Martinus will perform in our official show – and host an exclusive pre-show concert at Telenor Arena.

The twins Marcus and Martinus (14 years old) grew up in a small town in Norway called Trofors. Since their TV-talent show debut in 2012 they have had an incredible journey – and are by far Scandinavias most popular teen phenomenon. The story of Marcus and Martinus is a story about two very normal Norwegian boys that turned into a very impressive, huge teenage pop sensation in no time.

To make our show even more accessible to youngsters, we are introducing a new family ticket to Telenor Arena. In collaboration with our partners, the family ticket is designed to give youth access to some of the best seats in the house  – at our very best rates.